Salary Potential

Whoever said money isn't everything was right. There's a lot more to the heat and frost insulator trade than just high wages—pride in contributing a vital service to our country, satisfaction in a job well done, and excitement at getting to travel and see the world.

But the salary is a great incentive, too. Take a look at what heat and frost insulators can typically earn by the hour and year. The wages below are based on a standard 40-hour work week. However, most construction work involves overtime, so your annual salary will vary depending on the number of hours you work. If you're keen to work extra hours, you could bring home even more than the salary listed below.

Salary ranges *

Journeyperson Heat and Frost Insulator Salary Ranges
Hourly Wage Annual Salary Range
Low High Low High
$16 $41.90 $33,000 $81,000

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* Salary ranges vary depending on where you live and the labour organization or construction contractor with which you work.