Meet the Heat and Frost Insulators

Heat and frost insulators across Canada are hard at work every day helping to make our country a better place to live. Click on the video or written profile links to learn about how men and women like you got started in the industry. Hear their stories, watch them on the job, and find out what they love most about the trade.


Foreman and Apprentice
Inspired by her father Paul's successful career in the heat and frost insulation industry, first-year apprentice Kim Badcock is proud to follow in his footsteps.
Paul Blinzer's father introduced him to the heat and frost insulation trade several decades ago, and he hasn't looked back since. These days, Paul is proud to contribute to the industry by teaching the trade to a new generation of workers.
After 25 years in the heat and frost insulation industry, former instructor Perry Mayer still finds time to tend to his property in the country in between jobs.
For Robyn Noyes, a second-year heat and frost insulator apprentice, working in the trade means daily challenges and new adventures. And the great exercise she gets on the job means that she doesn't have to go to the gym everyday.
After managing a lounge for seven years, Cheryl Penny found more satisfaction—and better pay—working as a heat and frost insulator.
Just three years after completing his apprenticeship, Carl Zinck is already a heat and frost insulator foreman. Currently working on an industrial project in Halifax, Carl loves seeing what he's accomplished at the end of each day.
General Foreman
According to Dave Redden, the travel and the wide variety of work are the best aspects of his career as a heat and frost insulator. A general foreman working with Pro Insul Limited, Dave is proud of all the projects he's completed in the past 25 years.
Business Manager
After nearly 30 years as a heat and frost insulator, Steve Graves thought it was time for a career change. So, in 1996, he ran for the position of Business Manager of his union local. And the rest, as he says, is history.


"A lot of people don't realize what kind of potential there is (in heat and frost insulation) for high wages and benefits …"
"You're always learning something new, and you're always meeting new people … The people I work with are fun to be around and they love their job."
"You're building the country, and you get paid well for something you love to do."
"I jumped right into something that was harder than I thought it was going to be … But it was fun!"
General Foreman
"The trade world is a perfect opportunity for somebody who (…) doesn't have a university degree or certificate. If you've got your Grade 12, it's a perfect opportunity to make $100,000 a year just by devoting yourself to it."
Training Coordinator
"I've seen a lot more of the world than I would have sitting behind my desk in Chicago, that's for sure."
Business Manager
"The travel is good, the wages and benefits are good (…) and if you need some time off to go fishing or hunting or anything, you can usually take some leave. You aren't tied down."
Retired Business Manager
"There's a good living to be made."
"I'm trying to do everything I can to promote (the trade) and let people know (it's an option), so that women know they can do this."