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Welcome to the ultimate heat and frost insulator resource!

You've probably heard a lot recently about careers in skilled trades. It's a thriving sector that provides the opportunity to earn respect and great pay while doing something you love. And as an apprentice, you start making money right away, earning while you learn your chosen trade.

Skilled tradespeople contribute every day to our economy, our environment and our infrastructure. They build the homes we live in, the schools in which our children learn, the bridges and roads we drive on, and the oil refineries that provide us with energy. Every day, they help make Canada a better place to live.

The men and women working in construction trades use skills that go beyond manual and mechanical skills. Tradespeople use mathematics, computers, and problem-solving skills every day on the job. They work with their heads as well as their hands.

With dozens of careers in the construction industry, there are countless opportunities for advancement. Skilled tradespeople can build long and rewarding careers, moving into roles such as manager, supervisor or estimator. Those with an entrepreneurial spirit can also start their own business.

www.heatandfrostinsulators.ca is your guide to a career as a heat and frost insulator. This Web site will tell you what the trade is all about, help you figure out if you have what it takes, let you know how to get started, and introduce you to some of the men and women working in the industry today.

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The heat and frost insulator career awareness project was developed by BuildForce Canada in partnership with the heat and frost insulation industry. BuildForce Canada is a national organization committed to developing a highly skilled workforce to support the current and future needs of the construction industry in Canada. Financed by the Government of Canada and industry, BuildForce Canada is a partnership between labour and business.